CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing

***CAM Qualifications: The CAM Foundation are undertaking research to define their ongoing role within the marketing and marketing communications community.

As part of this review, CIM have been asked to implement a withdrawal programme for both the CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications and CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing (including all associated electives).

The final assessment session for both these qualifications will take place in June/July 2018, giving those currently on the programme sufficient time to complete.

Any students undertaking new studies in 2017 should be aware that they only have until next summer to complete. ***

Belfast Academy of Marketing are one of the very few remaining study centres offering this qualification and it is on a wrap up basis only.

For students who need to complete their qualifications please let us know prior to 15th November 2017 to allow us to make appropriate arrangements for you to complete your studies.

If this is not feasible we would recommend that you contact CIM directly on:

Phone: +44 (0)1628 427120