CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing

The Professional Certificate in Marketing gives you the practical skills and knowledge to devise and execute marketing activities and gain marketing credibility. It also aims to provide a practical insight into the principles and application of marketing at a tactical level. The syllabus has been updated recently to reflect the changing issues and practices within digital marketing and to reflect employers’ views of marketing in today’s business environment.

Dates for next units:

CIM Level 4 Award in Digital Marketing: 16th, 23rd & 30th January and 13th, 20th & 27th February. Assessment submission date 5th April 2019. Click here to book your place now via Eventbrite.

CIM Level 4 Award in Integrated Communications: 10th & 17th April and 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd May. Assessment submission date 28th June 2019. Click here to book your place via Eventbrite now.

CIM Level 4 Award in Marketing: 11th, 18th, 25th September and 9th, 16th, 23rd October. Examination date 3rd December 2019. Click here to book your place via Eventbrite now.

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Who is it for?

This qualification is aimed at those who are working in supporting marketing roles, usually within the marketing function, but also targets individuals in more senior roles, particularly in SMEs, where marketing is only part of what they do. The qualification provides a practical insight into the principles and application of marketing at a tactical level.

The typical profiles of people who might take this qualification could include:

  • Marketing assistants.
  • Marketing coordinators.
  • Marketing executives.
  • Marketing managers in SMEs without formal marketing qualifications.
  • Non-marketers with aspirations for marketing.
  • Existing marketers wanting to become more specialist.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the function and fundamentals of marketing in some depth – including how to write and execute a tactical marketing plan.
  • Know the many different ways of understanding and communicating with customers, and the function these methods serve.
  • Understand your organisation’s marketing environment, its many constituent parts, and how they work in unison.
  • Apply practical knowledge – including the collecting and analysing of data, and the establishment of digital marketing activities.

What are the components?

The qualification comprises 3 modules (2 mandatory and 1 elective). Successful completion of all 3 modules earns you the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing or you can study each unit individually to gain a specialist L4 Marketing Award in that topic. Learning is designed to be flexible so you can study the units at your own pace and in any order. If you wish, you can study for one module at a time, and build up to a full qualification later.

Bite Size Awards: Each module can be achieved as a distinct, self-contained award which can be built up to attain the full diploma.

Full Qualification: To achieve the qualification, a pass in BOTH mandatory modules is required together with a pass in one of the elective modules.



This Level 4 module provides the knowledge and understanding of the function of marketing within the organisation and demonstrates how an appreciation of customer behaviour can enable effective targeting. It outlines the elements of the marketing mix and how these are applied to address market and customer needs.

This module comprises three units:

  1. The marketing concept
  2. Analysis and insight
  3. Marketing mix

Assessment by exam.

Integrated Communications

This Level 4 module will help you understand the importance of effective internal and external communications in building sustainable relationships and explains how the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), product and brand management can enable organisations to deliver customer value.

This module comprises three units:

  1. Internal marketing
  2. Value proposition
  3. Marketing communications

Assessed by assignment.


Digital Marketing

This level 4 digital marketing module examines the ever-evolving, dynamic digital landscape and provides awareness of the nature of the challenges and opportunities within the environment. You will explore the skills and tools required to support and enhance digital marketing activities and learn monitoring and measuring techniques to enable you to improve the effectiveness and performance of your digital marketing. This module comprises three units:

  1. The digital landscape
  2. Digital toolkit
  3. Digital in action.

Assessed by assignment.

Customer Experience – (Not currently offered by Belfast Academy of Marketing)

This Level 4 module focuses on enhancing customer experience and will help you to develop deeper knowledge of customer requirements within different contexts . The module introduces customer experience models and highlights how to establish effective monitoring and measurement techniques that will enable you to improve customer experience and to develop and deliver activities that meet customer expectations.

This module comprises three units:

  1. Customer context
  2. Customer experience
  3. Measuring and monitoring

Assessed by assignment.

What is the cost?

Study Centre costs for Tuition and Support start from £500 per module/award

CIM Membership cost is £60 per annum

CIM Assessment cost is £145 per assessment

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